Why Choose GreensafeIT

Our vision is to enable our customers to feel they not only receive the most competitive price models from our virtual procurement processes, but they understand that everything we do, we do it with minimal disruption to your business. Where possible, we strive to allow “Business as Usual” activities not to be affected.

As a growing company in our areas of excellence, we strive to provide our customers with services we believe in, which add value to your core business activities and requirements.

At the heart of our services, we have worked extensively with our partners, local and abroad to secure one of the smoothest IT procurement models, by virtualising every aspect of the process. We have stripped back all the unnecessary “red tape” typically surrounding IT procurement.

Extending our reach beyond procurement into other services includes, our “buy back programme”, disposals and recycling operations along with security services, including data erasure, secure decommissioning and shredding. In addition, our risk assurance and security testing partners provide pen testing, both at the application and infrastructure level.

All of our core services are complementary to each other.

When we listened to our clients, we drove through the initiatives to respond, not to reinvent, but to reinvest and deliver excellence.

Contact us to discuss more specific needs, or programmes of work that GreensafeIT can make the independence reality.