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Greensafe Supply Chain

Returns management

Our Returns Management solution simplifies the returns process, for retailers and manufacturers wanting to improve service parts management and the value of returned assets. Greensafe deliver an end-to-end process, including receipt, RMA, sorting, triage, credit processing and ultimate disposition of the returned product. In today’s market place, consumers have a growing number of rights with regards product return. This has become a growing problem for manufacturers and distributors who do not have the infrastructure to manage the process.

Greensafe are able to provide detailed information on product faults, as well as separate “good” stock from “faulty”. To support this service, we also ensure that the “good” stock has the maximum return possible through Greensafe Global (GSG). “Faulty” stock is then responsibly disposed of via our recycling plant. We can also buy stock upfront; assessing, reporting and returning stock to the manufacturer, or when required, securely disposing of the products via our state of the art recycling facility. Greensafe are able to turn a potentially expensive, logistical and PR nightmare into a controlled, informed, revenue generator for the manufacturer or distributor; whilst always ensuring legal & environmental compliance. Returns Management is a crucial aspect of our work, with key distributors and manufacturers and it is important, as a trusted partner, that we deliver returns management in line with focused instructions.

Another area that we manage for our customers is excess inventory. Through Greensafe Global (GSG), we are able to move large volumes of stock globally, where more conventional routes have failed. Secure disposal of demonstration or prototype equipment is also managed by our team. Devices are securely destroyed via our recycling plant, thus ensuring the products and devices do not leak onto the open market where they could be located by competitors.