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Greensafe Supply Chain

Configuration, bonded stock & installation


The Greensafe imaging lab has been designed with scalability in mind. If you need to build 10’s or 100’s of machines per day, but want to eliminate the need for imaging deskside or in a staging area, then our image processing and configuration area would work for your business. We can provide static images or custom build dynamic images as required. Our image lab gives access to our build servers 24 hours a day if required, using industry standard connection and build tools.

Our technical team will help you build, validate, and maintain a cross-platform image that works on new and legacy systems. We can also help setup your VPN and server to get the best from the technology. Quality assessment takes place as the build progresses. A further check is completed by independent QA engineers, to guarantee that we deliver the quality our customers have come to expect. 

Take advantage of our expertise and experience in delivering image and build configuration services.

Bonded Stock

Greensafe Supply Chain have built a secure bonded stock warehouse, which can be used by our customers to store IT kit for the duration of any projects we are running. We have over 900 bay locations, typically storing new or refurbished IT, that receives an image and is then configured by our team of skilled engineers. Once completed, we send the equipment out for next business day delivery to customer sites across the UK and Europe.

Installation / Engineering

To complete our end to end service, from bonded stock, image and configuration to final installation on a customer desk, we can provide various levels of engineer; dependent on the type of install required. Often a technical courier following a script is enough, however, we can provide the right level of engineer for any task required. We have access to our own skilled workforce, but also 1,000+ engineers from our Greensafe Partner Division (GSP). Tell us when and where you require the engineer and we will ensure the equipment is delivered on time and the installation completed by your deadline.

We can also remove redundant IT. It will be stored in bonded stock for 2 weeks to make sure there is no further requirement and then taken through the secure Greensafe ITAD (GSI) process for you. This creates a seamless end to end service, with the least amount of disruption and the most cost effective solution in the marketplace.