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IT Repair Services

Greensafe offer a market leading IT repair service. We have several offerings when it comes to IT and computer repair services; PC repair, desktop repair, laptop repair and laptop screen repair. We are able to come to site and repair the device or receive or collect the equipment, make an assessment and then provide customers with a fixed quote.

To provide a quote we simply need to know:

1  What device or devices it is that you need to be repaired?

2  Do you want them collected, fixed onsite or will ship it to us?

3  Provide us with a contact telephone number and a suitable time for us to call you?

4  Provide us with an Email address? 

We will ensure you have a fixed quote within 24 hours based on the answers to the above questions.


Sometimes businesses do not have their IT engineers where they need them, they are shared and have to travel long distances between sites. Greensafe can help in these instances as we have access to 1,000 engineers throughout the UK & Europe. They can be onsite next business day, pre 10:30 with the parts required to repair your IT and get your users up and running.

We can setup informal processes, such as cost per call, or put in place multi year annuity contracts, whatever suits your business.

We deal with all types of desktop/laptop/printer and peripheral device from 3 years old. If you have problems getting hold of legacy equipment our spares purchasing division can always help, as we have multiple worldwide routes.

An alternative to onsite repairs is our hire with offsite repair service. We can send an engineer with a replacement machine, who will attach the kit to the network and remove the old kit for repair back at the Greensafe facility.

This will guarantee the user is up and running the next day and keep the mess of repairing IT products away from the users. The loan will be a like-for-like equivalent capable of performing the same tasks as the broken unit. Once repaired, the loan will be replaced by the original. 

If you have purchased new IT with a return to manufacturer warranty, we are qualified to perform the repair and install new swapout devices, whilst the repair is carried out. You will get a next business day pre 10:30 swapout service and a guaranteed repair that Greensafe will hold in bonded stock, until the next call off.

Why not talk to us about any of these services or arrange a site visit of our facility. If you have any questions, please, get in touch.