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Secure office box solution

Secure office box is an IT recycling solution that simplifies the end-to-end process, for customers wanting to remove their unwanted IT hardware or documentation in a secure, cost effective manner. This fully compliant process ensures data is disposed of in a secure and controlled manner, through our ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved facility. All IT assets and data bearing equipment will be dealt with and adhere to the latest UK & EU legislation. GDPR can be resolved by the simple process of taking out a terms and conditions contract with Greensafe, so that the “controller” – you - and the “processor” – Greensafe - are in place and fully compliant.

How do I take advantage of Secure Office Box?

  1. Choose the type of Secure Office Box that meets your IT disposal needs and we will ship the containers to you, anywhere in the UK
  2. Fill the secure office box with the items you no longer require
  3. Contact our service desk via email or phone and we will arrange a secure, dedicated collection
  4. Greensafe complete all requried legal documents and process the secure office box at our fully accredited, secure IT disposal facility

Once the Secure Office Box has been processed we will send you the following information, depending on the solution you have requested:

  • A certificate of destruction for the contents of the IT disposal box processed
  • A data disposal certificate, if we have data erased any hard disk drives or other data bearing devices
  • A full asset report of all the items processed through the disposal service

Obtaining any of the disposal services listed above, will enable your company to complete a full audit process and, at the same time, comply with your legal obligations. This solution is designed to comply with all data disposal services legislation.
If you are an IT service provider, our secure office box solution has been designed to be white labelled, for resale by resellers and distributors into their customer base. These disposal services are branded under “secure office box” and can be sold in five ways for each size and style of box:

  1. Pure disposal service
  2. Pure disposal service with full asset management
  3. Recycle / reuse service
  4. Recycle / reuse service with full asset management
  5. Secure Shredding of confidential waste (paper / archiving film / tapes / CD’s / etc.)

All services are compliant with the current legal and environmental legislation, such as Annex II of the WEEE Directive, Data Protection Act, CESG Guidelines and ISO14001 Protocols, as well new GDPR legislation. Organisations are obligated, by law and legislation, to ensure their IT assets and data are handled correctly. Today there are serious penalties for non-compliance on these matters. 

The miss handling of your data or assets can result in:

  • Potential fine of £500,000 per incident
  • Time in prison for CEO and other key stakeholders
  • Civil liability
  • Untold damages by lawsuits
  • Irreparable damage to an organisation’s reputation and brand
  • Loss in consumer confidence
  • Decline in revenue due to a tarnished reputation and loss of clients

Greensafe’s services completely ensure every key area is considered and taken care of; resulting in peace of mind for you and enabling you to focus on your own business growth. We are able to offer our customers a complete end-to-end IT disposal service; from collection to shredding and full separation of the raw materials via our state of the art WEEE Plant. The Plant ensures waste is shredded and then separated into four fractions, which are then sent off for final treatment. Our recycling operation creates fourteen raw material components from the products that our customers send back. These materials range from cardboard and polystyrene to precious metals and plastics. All of which are handled in accordance to “BATRRT” Guidance Notes and as Annex II of the WEEE Directive ensuring our customers stay compliant and ahead of the regulations and laws.

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