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Greensafe ITAD

Secure container storage

Is your business in need of unique, secure storage solutions? Allowing you to gather your IT equipment together in one place to help with asset management and secure, flexible, fit for purpose storage?

We have developed many different secure container storage solutions to enable our customers to safely store all types of IT equipment on site, prior to removal back to our facility for processing. The range varies from small pallet-sized secure storage containers, to 40ft storage containers that enable customers to move equipment from an office environment directly into a secure outside storage facility. This allows large and small scale projects alike to reduce transportation costs, increase security controls and ensure the office can continue to operate efficiently whilst projects are ongoing.

Each project is different, which is why we have an extensive range to cover every eventuality a customer may require. Before any delivery can take place, Greensafe will complete a risk assessment to ensure the containers that are being requested are fit for purpose and can be used in line with the customer Health and Safety policies. Where, and if required, the Greensafe onsite team will complete onsite training for your staff and provide instructions on how the containers should be handled and used.