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Greensafe ITAD

Mobile phones

Simply deleting data from a smartphone or restoring factory settings will not prevent data leaks. Greensafe’s mobile phone erasure service eliminates the risk of inadvertent data leaks, by providing maximum security and a fail-proof audit trail for every smartphone that is erased.

Secure data erasure for smartphones and tablets facilitate the safe disposal, reuse or resale of your portable devices by permanently erasing all sensitive user data such as emails, contact numbers and photos.

Our Blancco data erasure solution and report provides details such as:

  • Phone name & model
  • IMEI code
  • Operator details
  • Storage capacity

If your organisation would like a full asset disposal process and gapless audit trail for their mobile phones and tablets, then Greensafe can help. As with our buyback service, we are able to provide revenue on mobile and smartphones, we simply need the make and model, to see if we can either provide a free service or even a free service with financial rebate.