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Greensafe ITAD

IT refurbishment & upgrades

When Greensafe collect IT from customers it does not always have to be about remarketing, it could be about refurbishment & upgrade and making it available for reuse back into the business. Typically, this saves at least 70% on technology capital expenditure by reusing the devices that are still fit for purpose but just need a little rework to make them suitable for redeployment.

We assess, test, clean, data wipe, upgrade as per an agreed schedule, repackage, and store in our bonded warehouse ready for call off by the customer. At the call off stage we can also provide an imaging/build, configuration and installation service. Reducing touch points and delivering a complete IT asset lifecycle service. The customer goal is to increase the lifespan of the IT product in question and allow for changes and upgrades in software throughout the years.

With the addition of Greensafe Spares (GSS), our Spares, Logistics & Engineering Division, not only are we able to upgrade products, we can repair non-working products, making them available for reuse. The fault may be a motherboard, power supply or broken screen; in fact whatever the fault, we have the spares to repair your product, on or offsite.

Software Asset Management

As part of our data erasure protocol, we are able to produce detailed software audit reports for each IT device. This allows for the reuse of licences and identification of unauthorised software, thus aiding your software licence management processes.