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Greensafe ITAD

Computer recycling

Recycling old computers is no longer about scrapping the devices or just diverting the waste from landfill. IT recycling is about maximising revenue returns, controlling and managing risk and ensuring all security aspects of the service are safe and approved. We ensure our customers receive a quality service, where they feel their data is secure and that they have a trusted partner who will guide them through the ever changing legal and environmental compliance issues associated with IT disposal.

To provide a quote we simply need to know:

1  How many items you want Recycling, ideally a list.

2  Location of the equipment?

3  If you want the devices remarketed or securely Disposed ?

4  What is the collection post code? 

We will ensure you have a fixed quote within 2 hours based on the answers to the above questions.


Once the IT product has been assessed and a detailed product description and grade has been obtained, the items are then sent to our data erasure labs where each unit undergoes an eight point security check to ensure that any data bearing devices are handled appropriately. We only use HMG approved data erasure software and tools for IT disposal and PC recycling. If at any stage a device fails the data erasure process, it is removed from the process and then taken to the shredding department where the unit will be shredded to 11mm fractions. If the unit is approved for resale by the customer and has passed our eight point security checks, it will then be stored in a secure warehouse until our sales teams have sold the device. It is at this point the device is packed by our warehouse teams and shipped out to the new user.

Typically, we are able to sell 80% of all ICT that is returned to us, thus avoiding avoiding computer scapping. We do this by using multiple web channels, as well as Greensafe Global (GSG) – our dedicated team of sales specialists, who have access to literally hundreds of sales channels around the world. The customer can expect 70% of the residual value being returned once the ITAD sales process is completed.