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Posted on 29th March 2018

Subcontracts Manager:

One of the largest and fastest growing Waste Management companies in the UK.

Customer quote:

Our work with Greensafe IT has enabled us to put old WEEE back into REUSE rather than being Scrapped. Through Greensafe’s expertise we have been able to rethink how we manage end destinations for waste electricals, which is a much better result for the environment.

Key achievements:

Recycling more WEEE than ever before.

We know that all WEEE is being dealt with how it should be.

Operations are saving on costs as we work off reuse rather than disposal or scrapping.

All of our WEEE is being 100% recycled.


After working with Kelvin and conducting a site visit to assess the different types of electrical items onsite, we have completely changed how to manage WEEE at our depot. We now source segregate all material, and we wait until we have an entire artic lorry to fill before we arrange collections, this reduces emissions and ensures the vehicle is running at 100% capacity.