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Posted on 4th April 2018

Customer quote:

We had a complex set of requirements from data destruction, data wiping and degaussing onsite at multiple UK locations, with recycling and remarketing at the end of the project. Greensafe hit every deadline, provided every report and generally accomplished the project in an exemplary fashion.

Key achievements:

Achieved a 100% SLA on all targets.

Delivered higher than expected remarketing revenue.

Contract signed for all future ITAD activity.


Destruction of all data bearing devices across multiple UK mainland and island sites, but in a cost effective manner.

Devise a program of data wiping and degaussing to enable movement of IT throughout the UK sites, back to central London location for a one-off data destruction using our unique Mobile Asset Sanitisation Centre (MASC).

Collect and remarket kit from multiple UK sites, taking care that no data bearing devices are unaccounted for.

The project:

What was done specifically for the customer?

A program of works was devised to enable a cost effective data wiping/degaussing process for multiple sites, with transport to central London location after completion.

Scheduling of trips around the UK to enable our engineers to work at multiple sites throughout the day.

Organising permits and liaising with UK Islands authorities to allow large vehicles to enter restricted areas.

Advising on - and delivering - the latest legislation around data wiping and destruction.

How could this be applied to other businesses?

Knowledge gained from this project means we now have processes in place when working in the Channel Islands.

A strong understanding of the finance and banking industry requirements around data and how it must be treated can be applied to other businesses in this sector.

The result:

All data bearing devices wiped and destroyed with full reporting and certification.

Completed project on schedule.

Customer has full confidence in Greensafe and will be using our other service divisions for future projects.