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Greensafe Waste

Battery recycling services

Greensafe Waste provide a Battery Recycling Service that perfectly compliments it’s other specialist services.

As experts in IT and WEEE related solutions it’s natural to provide our clients a one stop shop. All companies and organisations across the UK will use battery operated appliances – therefore they will have waste batteries at some point. Be it standard AA’s and AAA’s (and other Mixed Portable Batteries) to larger Lead Acids from such as UPS or Alarm Panels etc. and Nickel Cadmium Dry Cells from such as Emergency Lighting (Industrial and Automotive Batteries) we have the solution for them all.

Batteries need to be put in to a container for safe storage prior to collection. Any leakages, short circuiting or water ingress could cause catastrophic environmental and health and safety issues.

You will have peace of mind that Greensafe take all steps to ensure your batteries are dealt with in the appropriate manner. From start to finish all batteries are recycled in accordance with all current legislation.

As well as this we operate all deliveries and collections within market leading timescales and this means we are removing your risk from your facility sooner than anybody else.

To provide a quote we simply need to know:

1. What battery chemistry types are to be disposed of?

2. Roughly what kind of quantities do you have of the above?

3. How are they currently stored?

4. What is the collection post code? 

We will ensure you have a fixed quote within 2 hours based on the answers to the above questions.