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Greensafe Supply Chain

Office relocations

Greensafe provide an Office Relocation Service to our client base, which enables our customers to relocate the IT & Telecommunication equipment from one site to another in a secure, safe and controlled manner. If you require electrical cabling, networking, AV, space planning, redecoration and office furniture or any combination thereof, we can deliver.

There are many reasons for an office move or relocation. Business growth and a need for space, new working practices may require adaptable workplaces, or perhaps a lease break or expiry can prompt a conversation about relocating offices. Moving, relocating or reformating offices can present an opportunity to consider new working practices, a brand refresh in certain key office areas, or perhaps a cultural change in the way the office interacts. Whatever the reason, Greensafe can help with all aspects of an office move/relocation. Greensafe will work with the customer to agree a plan and timescales for the move. This information is signed off and agreed in advance and where required, we can perform an onsite assessment management audit to help identify the location of the current assets.

As the project commences, each device is placed into a secure container; allowing the units to be easily identified and located further into the process. Skilled installation engineers then re-install the devices as per the location plans. We then deliver any additional services requested, before placing the units back into their new positions. Alternatively, we transport the units via security cleared drivers - using our own fleet of vehicles - to a new location, which has been setup as per your requirements. A sign off at the end of the project will take place before we hand the site back to the customer.